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  • We can design a powerful banner for your site. The cost is as little as $35.00/ per banner for English Banner, Chinese Banner or other language banners*.
  • We can design banners in Chinese character which can extend your business to Chinese market(including, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia). You just need to give us the English character. We will translate to Chinese for you. The cost is as little as $35.00 per Chinese banner.
  • Want animated banners? The cost is only $59.00 per high-quality animated banner in any language at your choice*.

The cost details as follows. Click here for samples

Banner spec Cost Note
Banner (text in English or *Chinese or other lanuage*)
size: you decide
$35.00/per banner high quality static banner.
Banner (text in English) size: you decide $59.00/per banner high quality animated banner, three frames. $10.00 per extra frame

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