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GreatBanner is a FREE service that links you to other sites in the world! You can even choose which countries or sites to link, which makes your links effectively. By joining you are automatically agreeing to advertise other sites on your page by placing a strip of HTML in a visible spot, such as in the top of your web page.

Once you're signed up, we will give you some HTML code to place into an HTML document on your web site. That code will display random banner advertisements from other members' sites. You gain a "credit" every second time someone enters your site and that will determine how many times your banner will be displayed elsewhere. That means that everytime a banner ad is displayed on your site, your ad will appear on another.

Gaining more credits?

You can participate more than once. In order to do so, you must submit a separate form for each ad you'd like to display. You can submit the same banner for both, or different banners for both to gain more "credits".

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You pick the sites you want to advertise on by choosing from a range of countries and categories.

Banners Format
All banners should be 400 x 50 pixels - you can create them in GIF or JPG format as long as the file does not exceed 7K in size. We accept animated or static ones as long as the file of your banner does not exceed 7K in size.

We will add our logo to the left hand side of the banner you create automatically - the final size of your banner will be 460 x 50 pixels.

You need to place your banners on your pages. You can place your banners at any page of your web site. Remember to tell us your banner's URL on your page when you Join the service. (You don't have to send your banners to us via email or .... Our machine will detect your banners automatically as long as you tell us your banner's URL when you join the service.)

If you don't know how to create your own banners, you can use our on-line banner creating tool for Free.

We will always appreciate you to read FAQ first before you send any mail to us.

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