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Who are dealing with the translation service? Do they have any qualification?

Not every Chinese can translate your web pages from English to Chinese. A good Chinese translator is required to have good understanding in English, Chinese culture, marketing knowledge, and web design background.

Admcity China aims to provide the best Chinese translation services from English into Chinese.

We have qualified staff to deal with translation service. Our team members include MBA, and Master in IE, and PhDs in Computer Science, and Chinese Business Management to deal with your document. We aim to provide you efficient, fast and effective translation services to help you promote your business in Chinese market.

Admcity China can translate a large range of documents from general to very specialised text, including engineering drawings. The subjects of our past translation include

  • General
  • Legal
  • Business-Maketing, Personnel Manement (or HRM), Production Management, Financial amangement, R&D Managment
  • Catalogues and sales literature
  • Computer related
  • Contracts
  • Civil
  • Engineering-Electrical, Mechanical,etc
  • Engineering specification or drawing.
  • Geotechnical
  • Operational Manuals-user manuals.
  • Scientific
We know what information should be translated in a web page. It means your keywords and description in the mega tags will also be translated so the Chinese search engines will notice you easily.

Every web page translated by us will be checked by our technical department to make sure it compatible with your original web site. The Chinese pages we translate for you can be viewed both in Nescape and IE perfectly.

You need us with good qualification and excellent knowledge in Chinese culture to manage your web pages and document. Please visit our recent clients to see the sample.