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    Chinese Catalog Package

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    Chinese market status

    Accroding to China Times (1999), there are 3 to 6 millions Chinese online and 3 million Taiwanese online.

    A study by IDC (International Data Corporation) in 1998 estimated that China will be the biggest market in Asia, outside of Japan, by the year 2000. IDC also estimates there will be more than 9.4 million Chinese online by 2002.

    Computer Economics in 1999 forecast that by 2005, China will move from its current position as the tenth largest population of Internet users, to second place with 37.3 million users.

    Most Chinese people cannot read English. Admcity China Translation Services is a company dedicated to providing fast and high-quantity Chinese translation.

    We can translate your web pages to simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

    Language details

    Simplified Chinese is used in mainland China and Singapore. Traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan. We will translate your pages to both characters.

    How much will I need to pay?

    A package for you is only $1212.00, including

    • Translate your catalogs to Chinese web pages (catalogs or selected catalogs' pages under 2000 English words). ($500.00). Please submit the English text via e-mail to us. We will translate your catalogue's English to both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese in a format of web pages.

      Simplied Chinese is used in China and Singapore. Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    • Design two Chinese submission forms (under 200 English words/per form) (either order form or inquiry form) to Chinese. ($150.00)
    • Online Shopping Cart for six months ($120.00)
    • Secure Server Order System for six months ($60.00)
    • Translate your e-mail inquiries to English for 1 months. ($150.00)
    • Design two animated Chinese banners for you (size 400 x50, $78.00 for two banners)
    • Host your Chinese pages in your own site or the America Admcity Chinese mall for one year (which attract more than 20,000 hits per week) Your Choice!! ($199.00/per year)
    • Submit your Chinese site to GreatBanner Chinese Banner Exchange Program plus add banner exchange code on your Chinese pages($12.00)
    • Submit your two Chinese pages to top 35 Chinese search engines ($47.00) 10.One Banner Ads on Admcity China's search engine for one month ($31.00)

    Total Service Cost is equal to $1347.00 .

    10%Off = You pay $1212.00

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    Why not invest a little money to try the biggest market in the world?

    More than 2000 words? US$0.25/per extra English word.

    We accept check, money order, or credit cards! Order Now.

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