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Submit your site to 20 Chinese search engines--US$29.00

    Most Chinese search engines use Chinese. We can submit your page in Chinese to make Chinese people find you in their local search engines easily. The service includes

  • submit your single page address and its details to 20 Chinese search engines, including search engines in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • submit your urls in the languages (in terms of simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese or English) required by local Chinese search engines.
  • translation of your page title, keywords, description to Chinese in two version codes.
  • Most Chinese search engines use Chinese. Two major Chinese characters are used in Chinese. One is simplified Chinese and the other is traditional Chinese.

    We will register your page in both Chinese characters to make Chinese people find you in their local search engines easily.

    Simplified Chinese is used in mainland China and Singapore. The traditional Chinese is used by Chinese in Hong Kong, North America, Europe and Taiwan.

    Different countries require different languages. In China, most search engines would only accept Simplified Chinese. In Taiwan, most of the search engines would accept Chinese Traditional Chinese. Singapore' search engines would prefer you to register in English. Hong Kong's search engines vary. We will submit your page details according to local Chinese search engines' official language. So, your site will be noticed by local Chinese people easily.

    This service will only cost you $29.00 Interested? 
    Please click here to submit your url details in English.

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