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Most domains are issued on a first come first served principle. If someone else registers your name, it is difficult for you to get it back.

Thousands of domains are issued each day. Thus, the number of available domains is decreasing every minute. Don't wait until it is too late to get a good domain for your company.

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Item Charge
Domain registration*
  • Handling charge £20 for applying new domains or transferring domains.
  • New domains will be billed £80+VAT - directly by NOMINET UK for Domain Name :
    New domains will be billed £45+VAT - directly by NomiNation UK for Domain Name:
    New domains will be billed $70 - directly by InterNic. for Domian Name:
  • Domain name choice There is a choice of;,,,,, com, org,, or net

    Below gives a guide to the most popular choices of domains. We can register domains for you in any of them. If the domain you want is not listed below, please contact us for more information. These are some usual abbreviation uses found in domain names:

  • co - companies
  • com - commercial use
  • org - non profit organisations
  • edu - schools
  • mil - military bases
  • net - networks.

  • Any question, email

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