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Virtual Domain Hosting Accounts running on Apache Powered Unix Servers,
connected via multihomed redundant T3 backbone connections.

8 gig Web Transfer (see policies)
POP3 / FTP / Telnet Account, 2 gig/month:
(Available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week)
Unlimited e-mail aliasing:
Custom CGI Scripts
Miscrosoft FrontPage Account available upon request, no charge
Apache Secure Server Access
Unlimited auto-responders / infobots
MSQL Database Access
Wusage 4.1, Log Analysis


Domain Name Registration
  • Handling charge £20 for applying new domains or transferring domains.
  • New domains will be billed £80+VAT - directly by NOMINET UK for Domain Name : http://www.username.co.uk
  • New domains will be billed £45+VAT - directly by NomiNation UK for Domain Name: http://www.username.uk.com
  • New domains will be billed $70 - directly by InterNic. for Domian Name:http://www.username.com
Real Audio: (You'll need the Player)
(hear a 14.4 stream, hear a 28.8 stream)
Real Audio / Video: £19.5/month
Java Chat: £7.50/month
Majordomo ListServer (open or closed) for a standard domo list (up to 1,500 subscribers £15/month
Additional ListServers: £15/month
Additional POP3 / FTP / Telnet Accounts: one-time setup fee of £20 / each
Additional POP E-Mail Accounts: one-time setup fee of £10 /each
Piggy-back domains on single IP address: £50.00 one-time fee
(no monthly fee for the added domain name
Additional storage space: £0.75 / meg per month
Traffic overage (above 3 gig limit): £5.00 per 100 megs
Create third-level domains:
Normal monthly costs apply

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